Grain FAQ


What kind of bags do you use?
Our grains are sold in cellophane bags. These are cellulose-based (cotton wood) and are therefore biodegradable.

Who designed your labels?
Our labels are designed by Peter Nolan, designer, artist and astrologer. If you like his work, would like to know more, or are in need of some design work, he can be reached at


What is the difference between hard and soft wheat?
Hard wheat is literally harder. The kernel, or seed, has a higher protein level which makes the seed physically more dense and hard. This hardness indicates good bread making qualities.

What is the difference between red and white wheat?
Truly, the difference is the color of the bran, the outermost layer of the seed. Red wheat kernels have darker, reddish tinged bran. White wheat’s bran is creamy colored. White wheat tends to have a milder flavor than red wheat.

What is the difference between spring and winter wheat?
Winter wheat is sown in the fall and grows to the size of little seedlings sticking out of the ground. When winter arrives, the plant goes dormant. Winter wheat requires this rest period in order to flower and produce seeds. With spring, it resumes growing again is is harvested around July. Spring wheat does not require a dormant period so can be sown in either spring or fall depending on the climate. Winter wheats are popular in temperate climates where they are less disease prone and can be harvested earlier than spring wheat. Spring wheat has a higher protein potential which results in a higher loft when baking bread. We plant our spring wheat in the fall since spring often finds Southern Maryland soil too wet for proper planting. This fall sowing sets us up to harvest our spring wheat in July and August.

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